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Our Story

Our Mission:

To share the culture, style and fun of ankara African Print.

Our CEO - AyoBE

AyoBE (pronounced ah-yo-be) is a variation of our CEO’s name. In Yoruba, Ayo means Joy. When combined with her maiden and married initials (“B.E”)., AyoBE translates to Joy B.E.

Our love for our African heritage and African Print inspire our products. After starting a family with her husband, our CEO realized there weren't many adult and kid hair care accessories that showcase the rich colors and unique patterns of African fabrics. 


AyoBE Boutique items are made to reflect culture, style and fun! The bold beautiful colors are unique just like you. Each item is made to order which ensures that it is handcrafted Just For You by AyoBE!


The names of our collection are suggestions from my oldest daughter. She loves Disney Jr. and Nickelodeon Kids. If the names of some of the collection sounds familiar, it likely is because she heard the name on one of her favorite shows. Since my collection is primarily for kids, involving her in aspects of my design and decisions is a must :-).

100% satisfaction with your purchase is my goal. Have questions? You can reach me at

~Joy B.E.

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