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DIY: Girls Jumper Skirt

I love trying to make use of leftover fabric I already have in the house since I am sure my hubby is tired of me scouting the aisle in the fabric store.

I decided to use leftover fabric from a dress I made a while back to make a jumper skirt for my daughter.

I went to work with cutting up the fabric and getting it to "work". The pattern for the skirt portion came from here. The straps, I made using JOE's measurements.

Expertise needed: Comfortable beginner.

Total Approximate time: This was done over the course of 5-days because I kept having other errands to run and things to do. The total amount of time actually spent sewing was probably more like 90-minutes for everything. I also hand sewed the buttons.

Total spent on materials: The fabric was on sale $ $4.49 a yard. I only got 1/2 a yard. Hence my dilemma with making this fit. But it worked! :-). Everything else I already had at home. The total cost was $2.25. Can't beat that!

Feedback: I like the way it turned out and it certainly gives me ideas for future outfits and possibly refashioning other items she grows out of. I definitely will be doing this again.

Step 1: Print out your pattern and then cut your fabric accordingly. Because I was using a small amount of fabric, I had to cut each piece seperately to make it work.

Step 2: Sew it all together.

Step 3: Measure out your child's waist and determine how much elastic you will need. Then sew a casing and insert the elastic.

Step 4: If you want some added pouf, add some tulle underneath. In this case, I used some from my wedding dress. Don't worry...I am not very sentimental :-). Only the top of my dress is being kept. Everything else has been used since then for other items. :-).

Step 5: Now do the straps. Measure your child from waist (I used her belly button as a guide) to back (mid-back). Then add an inch for seam allowance. I cut out 3 but you really only need 2. Width is dependent on how wide you want the strap. Mine was 4-inches wide. Be sure you give enough length that you child can put this on comfortably WITHOUT it falling off all the time.

Step 6: Sew the straps length-wise and then turn it inside out. Be sure to sew it width-wise as well. Sew one end width-wise and then turn it inside out and sew the other end. Tuck it in a bit so the frayed ends are now on the inside.

Step 7: Attached the straps on the skirt in your desired location. You can eyeball this one. But I used my child's ears as a guide :-). You can thank me for that tip.

Pin each end and then sew it to the skirt. Front and back. I did a criss cross at the back.

Step 8: Sew on a button if desired.