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DIY: A "Catboy" girl handkerchief skirt

My oldest daughter told me she wanted a PJ Masks party for her last party. And specifically, she wanted to be Catboy "because Catboy is the leader". Smart kid. Definitely takes after her mom :-). 

Because Catboy is a male character, I had to go searching for something that would work for her. I couldn't find anything so I decided to make my own. 

I went shopping at Walmart for fat quarter fabric in a mix of different shades of blue. Each fat quarter was 99c. I got a total of 6 quarters. 3 of each shade of blue.

Step 1: Lay it all down as seen below. Since I got fat quarters, with the exception of the tool which I had to cut into squares, I didn't have to cut the other fabric. Although, if you don't want the skirt to fray, consider using pinking shears. 

I already had the blue tulle at home from AyoBE Boutique so I just decided to use it since it worked. 

This is in essence a handkerchief skirt with an attached bloomer. 

sTEP 2: cut a quarter-circle in the middle of the skirt after I folded it in half and then re-folded that half again. When one half was unfolded, this is what it looked like. 

Step 2: Don't fret about the actual size of the semi-circle. What is important is that you not make it too small. The actual size that matters is the size of the elastic waist. For that, I took my daughter's waist size and reduced it by 2 inches to account for the elastic and then added 1 inch for seam allowance. In other words, if her waist is 19 inches, I cut the elastic to 18-inches. Basically, 17 plus 1. Putting the final size IS 18 inches. The elastic gives enough of a stretch to ensure it stays put but still fits nicely.

You can stop here OR you can attached bloomers to the skirt.

My daughter's party was at Skye zone which means she'd be jumping a lot. So I decided to make an underskirt bloomer for her. Instead of putting the elastic on the bloomer itself, I attached it to the elastic on the skirt.

Step 3: Attached a fitting bloomer to the elastic. You can find a pattern bloomers on Pinterest.

   The end results.

Strike a pose!

I hope you enjoyed this simple DIY project. Please take a moment to "like us" on Instagram and Facebook so I can continue to bring you beautiful content like this. And while you're at it, visit our store AyoBE Boutique for beautiful and unique African Print items for you and your loved ones. 

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