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DIY: Trolls Themed Birthday party

My daughter turned 5 last year and I had a great time bringing her vision to life.

She wanted a Trolls themed party and since I love handcrafting items, this was a challenge I happily welcomed.

I decided to make some items and purchase others.

To make her outfit, I decided to use a simple pillocase dress design to create the dress.

The headbands, I made by ordering simple bands from Amazon and got some tulle. I cut the tulle to a desired length and attached them to each headband.

For the big sign, I wrapped a foam ring with tulle and used a glue gun to affix the flowers and tulle and number.

For the gift bags, I purchases bags in "fun" colors and then created faces using a permanent marker, glue gun, googly eyes and foam sheets. For these, I pretty much free styled the faces. Since I got A TON of flowers in each bag, I used them for the gift bags as well.

For the popcorn bags which I put on the table, I used candy melt and added it to freshly popped popcorn. Then put them in bags. Then affixed some of the leftover flowers I had using a glue gun.

For the cake, to avoid spending a ton on the decor, I simply requested a white round cake with a rainbow. Then purchased the figurines and the little edible flowers from Amazon. I washed the items in warm water and soap ahead of the birthday party and applied them to the cake after we arrived at the venue.

This was more a "semi-DIY" party but it all turned out great and my daughter was THRILLED!

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