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Mom hacks: 5 Cheaper alternatives for must have baby items

When I had my first little one, like most moms, I wanted to get everything brand name. Figuring it would be the best. However, over time and after unnecessarily spending a lot of $$$ on brand name stuff, I quickly came to the realization that small substitutes can save me A LOT and work just as good as the brand names.

I am not talking about things like diapers and wipes. I am talking about other everyday things that cost a lot less than the brand names.

These are 5 cheaper alternatives that I found very helpful over the year.

1. Changing pad covers: First things first. Changing a baby. Most people I know get a changing table and purchase the changing pad as well as covers. Oftentimes, people purchase more than 1 changing table cover and the cost adds up over time.

What I didn't know and wish I knew is that for A LOT less, I could purchase these.

2. Dirty diaper disposable bags: We've all been there. We have a dirty diaper and don't have a place to put it. I found that most times when I am at a friend's home, I didn't want to throw a dirty diaper in their trash bin for fear of stinking up the place. Granted, that is what the trash bin is for but honestly, I still felt guilty since most times, my friends didn't have a diaper genie since they are well past that phase.

At first, I went on Amazon and found the disposable bags to use for whenever I was outside our home. The bags were expensive and added up quickly. One day, I went out for a walk and discovered a neighbor walking her dog. She had a roll of poop bags and it looked exactly like the ones I purchased. The only difference is that they were black. WHAT??? I went online and noticed these. They do the same job for A LOT LESS!

3. Diaper genie: Like most moms, I registered for a diaper genie. That's what most of the people I know registered for. The one thing anyone will tell you after they have used a diaper genie is that YOU CANNOT GET THE SMALL OUT! It is supposed to keep out the odors but let me just say that after using it for one kid, by the time our second one came around, we needed a new one.

I went looking for an alternative and came across the Diaper Dekor.

It was a serious game changer. Not only is this bigger than the diaper genie but the refills last A LOT longer than those of a diaper genie. They also do better with the odor. And they cost less than the better known Diaper Genie.

4. Baby food processor:

As our little first baby got older, we needed a way to make baby food. We already had a food processor at home but since I mostly cook spicy foods and use my processor for making sauces that involve habanero peppers, I didn't want to risk using it for our baby.

We went looking for a baby beaba because my sister in law had told me so many great things about it. However, I couldn't quite stomach spending that much on something that I won't use for long.

But why spend so much on a baby processor when I can use an alternative. Granted, I ended up having to cook the items before putting them in the processor but still, the only difference is washing a pot plus the bullet. Versus trying to figure out the baby food processor contraption. And at a fraction of the price, you can't go wrong.

This magic bullet is something you can use well after using it for baby and the best part is that when mom is ready to fit into her "skinny jeans", she can use this for smoothies on the go! A great transition item! And it was almost a third of the cost of the baby beaba.


5. Baby food tray:

Like most other parents, when it came time for my baby to graduate to solids, I went out and sort ways store her homemade food. The idea was that it would be better portion control for baby and would be readily available.

As working parents, we had to make a lot of foods in batches and then froze them. I went online and purchased one of the expensive baby food trays. It came complete with a tray cover and everything.

Well, while shopping for my second child, I discovered that I could use these silicone trays which were much cheaper and could just store them in Ziploc bags in the freezer. Best part? I can write the dates on the ziploc bags so I know when the food was made or what exactly it is. WIN-WIN!

Being a parent makes you want to give the very best to your kids. However, it doesn't have to come at a premium price. You can give them the best while saving a few pennies on the side. Putting that money towards their future needs.

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