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DIY: Moana Themed Party

My youngest daughter turned 3 and requested a Moana Themed Birthday party. I am a mom who likes to budget and save where I can.

For the headband, I simply used a hot glue gun and affixed the flowers to the headband. My daughter loved her "Princess Moana crown." I purchased the outfit here.

Up next were the gift bags. I already had some paper bags at home from a previous party so I simply used them and used my glue gun to affix the flowers to the bags.

I had some teal paint at home and simple painted circles on some clear stones I picked up from the dollar store. I glued on the stones after I had put the items in the bag because they were somewhat heavy on the bags.

I created labels using Microsoft word and had my daughters paint the flowers. They enjoyed adding their own personal touch to the gift bags.

Next was the beach. The party venue said we weren't allowed to bring or use any confetti or put anything on the walls. So this was the best thing because I was able to just set this up and not have a mess afterwards.

I used a white canvas. I turned it upside down and then glued the wood fence (crafts aisle at walmart) to the edges.

Then I glued on some shells and stones I picked up from the dollar store. For the trees, I used paper towl roles (cut in half) and then attached the "palm fronds" on them. Then I hot glued it on the canvas. On the day of her party, I added some shimmer sand to bring it to life. The best part about this is that my daughter has this as something to play with after her party.

The Moana boat was made using popsicle sticks glued together. And I drew the flag on a tan sheet of paper with a red permanent marker.

As always, I went for a cake on a budget. I ordered the cake with the "water themed" colors. And used my leftover shells. I first soaked the shells in a warm water and soap solution for a day then dried it out before using it on the cake.

I picked up some Nabisco graham crumbs to use on the top of the cake for my "sand". And also got figurines (also soaked and washed in a soap and water solution) on the cake.

For the table, I orderd the skirt from Amazon as well.

The results was a birthday my daughter will not soon forget.

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