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Natural hair - Styling to impress

"Natural hair doesn't look unprofessional!" 

Those are words I have heard over and over again from different people over the years.

I often wonder "how can something I am born with be considered unprofessional?"

I've been wearing my hair in its natural state for close to 5 years. Like most, my decision to let my hair grow back into its natural state was not a way to make a statement. 

Rather, my decision was almost entirely based on my family.

How so? Simple. Keeping my hair relaxed and styled regularly required more time than I had.

I wanted to dedicate my free time to my family and not spend over 4 hours every 6-8 weeks at the hair salon.

I am what is considered a "lazy natural". I love my hair in its natural state. I choose simple styles that are effortless but still look great.

Wearing these African print hair flower have truly been a great way for me to accessorize my hair without going overboard. Each of these styles are so easy that they take less than 5 minutes to execute.

I have received MANY compliments about my hair and that's thanks to the added pizzazz these flowers give.

They come in so many color options. You're sure to find one that'll match your personal style.


WWW.AYOBEBOUTIQUE.COM to check them out.

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