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DIY Kids activity: Creating a memory jar

My family and I recently went on vacation to St. Maarten.

You will need:

- Beach sand

- Stones from the beach

- Shells from the beach

- Glue gun

- Glue sticks

- Chalk pen to write on stone (black or white)

- Large mason jar


1. You and your little ones gather shells from the beach. They don't need to be perfect.

2. Gather a smooth glad stone you can write on.

3. Get a small amount of beach sand.

4. Write the location name and year on the stone on both sides and let it dry.

5. Put the sand in the mason jar and the stone.

6. Plug in your glue gun and have your kids give you each shell. This is a kid friendly activity afterall.

7. Clean the outside of the mason jar and then glue each shell to the outside of the jar.

8. Save a beautiful shell for the lid of the jar.

9. Glue the last jar and display it on your mantle or somewhere that will remind you and your family of your beautiful time together.

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