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My birth story...

OK. This is not officially my birth story per se but rather the birth of AyoBE Boutique

In 2015, before I welcomed my second daughter, I really wanted to showcase my rich African heritage my dressing in an African inspired outfit for my maternity shoot. By the time I got around to booking our maternity photo shoot though, I was in my 39th week of pregnancy and couldn't get it scheduled until after my due date. So I decided to still document the process and had my husband take the pictures. He is not a professional photographer but he did a good job.

When I went back and looked at the pictures, I realized just how much I loved what I had on and wanted to make something similar for my girls. So I went shopping. I found a few items but nothing the truly captured what I had envisioned so I decided to make my own.

My first daughter absolutely loved her skirt and asked for a green skirt to wear for St. Patrick's day. Since I have always loved doing things with my hands, I knew this was an area I'd like to focus on. The industry focuses on making Ankara or African inspired outfits primarily for Adults. I decided to focus on kids since I have young ones and want them to have unique and beautiful pieces that reflect their African heritage.

The items I make are all inspired by current fashion and take into consideration their comfort. My oldest daughter also loves to have a say :-). Her favorite TV character names are the inspiration for the names used to my collection.

Be sure to stop by often to follow our journey as a unique Handmade African Inspired Children's wear provider.

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