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Balancing Act - continued

I hope you had a nice weekend! It was certainly nice to have the long weekend due to the July 4th holiday. I am sure most moms just feel like it is an extra day to catch up on chores.

As a full time working mom/wife with a growing small business and 2 young kids, time management is ESSENTIAL to my ability to function. Anyone who knows me in real life knows that I try to stay as organized as possible. I am a Project Manager Professional and spend a lot of time planning work, documenting risks and putting contingency plans in place should a risk occur. I had an actual project schedule when my husband and I got married in 2011. In essence, my nature is to plan. BUT having kids changes things. I now realize that no matter how much you plan, you can't plan for the unexpected meltdown right before you are about to go out the door. Or the unexpected diaper blow out right after you get to your destination. Therefore prompting a diaper and outfit change.

How I do it...

My new motto is to "expect the unexpected." What this means for me is that I make the best of every situation. As a growing small business owner, that means I work with my kids and family. When I get home from work, my first goal is to spend time with them to know how their day went. My oldest is a talker so sometimes, I use that time to make bottles for our baby.

I cut the fabric for orders received while they are eating dinner or right after. For me, the cutting takes the longest amount of time since I have to make sure it measures just right.

I sew after my husband has taken the baby to bed. My oldest often wants to accompany me. This also means I get extra bonding time with her.

If my husband isn't working out that night, he spends time with us as well and we get to chat.

The most important thing of it all though is that I don't plan every minute of my day anymore. I do with the flow. I know kids can be unpredictable. Our youngest sometimes wants extra time with me. My oldest sometimes wants more attention. My husband has sometimes had a bad day and just needs to talk to another adult. Motherhood has taught me to be more fluid and being a business owner has taught me to be more open to changes and to embrace every win.

Life is a balancing act and though no 2-days are alike, I celebrate the accomplishments of each day.

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