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Balancing Act: School shopping

Being a wife, a mom and a small business owner/designer is HARD WORK! Anyone who tells you it is easy is either not giving it their all OR does not have all of the above roles in their life right now.

I have come to appreciate those who have mastered the art of work/life balance. As a small business owner, it can sometimes feel like I am always "on duty" even when I'm doing something as mundane as shopping for school supplies for my kids.

Last Saturday, I went to pick up some items for my daughter who is still watched at home but begins Kindergarten home schooling in September. While there, I spied some other school wear for kids and of course, the business owner wheels in my head started spinning.

I have always been pretty creative with my hands and truth be told, working with my hands brings me joy. So when I walked by the school aisle and saw some school socks for kids, I immediately started to think though how I could add an African flare to it. The results?

Well...see for yourself!

I love these socks because they are simple BUT unique. They add a pop of color and will enhance your child's outfit. And at a very reasonable price. You simply can't go wrong especially when paired with one of our Puff Onesies/Shirt and skirt set!

Learning to balance it all can be a challenging task BUT it can also be a rewarding task when something as simple as going school shopping leads to awesome ideas!

What are some ways you balance life as a mom or just as a busy individual?

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