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Staying busy

In addition to all the work around the house, I have also been busy with orders and ideas for AyoBE Boutique. First, THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your support. Your sharing my posts, commenting, liking them all make a HUGE difference because others are able to see them and it reaches more people. I definitely don't have the number of friends that view my posts on Facebook or other Social media so BIG THANKS to you all! Here are a few things I have worked on in the past couple of weeks. Since my boutique focuses on Africa, I decided to do something fun for everyone. This art will look ABSOLUTELY beautiful adorning a nursery wall, office wall, family wall or cubicle wall. Elephants are supposed to bring luck. They make excellent and unique gifts as well. Go check it out here.

Hakuna Matata comes from the movie The Lion King and the words are Swahili for "no worries". Well, do you know Nigerians also have a pidgin saying for "no worries"? It is "No wahala". Pronounced "no wah-hah-lah".

Why use the same saying as everyone when you can stand out and be different? These tees are now listed on our website here and will make a thoughtful Father's day gift. While you're at it, why not "say it with a card." Include a beautiful African Print card for dad to tell him just how cool he is! These cards are one of my favorite Father's day card .

After the very busy last couple of weeks, it was nice to sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiful long weekend.  

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