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Time: Celebrating Father's day

June is here and it seems like time is literally speeding by! Perhaps because we keep ourselves busy, it just seems like Mondays come at lightening speed and weekends go by even faster. Someone once told me it is because we are older. Kids tend to take the time to smell the roses and for some reason, the fact that they take the time to do and experience things makes it feel like time is going by slower. My oldest told me last week she couldn't wait to be older so she can buy her own dog. As much as that comment made me laugh, it also reminded me that she doesn't see the passage of time the same way I do. I on the other hand look around me and wonder how things have happened so quickly. My oldest niece just graduated from middle school and starts high school in the fall. She was born right after I moved to the DC/MD/VA area so it feels like I blinked and she is about to start high school. Feeling like that makes celebrations even more important. I look at celebrated events as a forced comma in life. Where you are forced to take a break, look back and appreciate how far you've come. Each day is a blessing. Each breath is a blessing and each moment should be treasured because like time, you can never get it back BUT you can certainly take a moment to appreciate just how far you've come. With that in mind, the next series of items below are just some of the beautiful gifts being offered through AyoBE Boutique in celebration of Father's day this year. So often, you hear more about the dads that don't live up to par. How about celebrating the dads that do?

These bracelets are beautiful gifts that dad will be sure to treasure. They include an elephant charm which is a symbol of good-luck. We could all use some good wishes in our everyday lives. Let dad know you are thinking of him and he'll be reminded every time he looks down at the bracelet of just how much you care.

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