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What's in a name?

Behind the name

AyoBE (pronounced ah-yo-be) is a variation of my name. In Yoruba, Ayo means Joy (my first name) and my maiden name starts with B while my married name starts with E. AyoBE translates to Joy BE.

I am Nigerian by birth. Specifically Yoruba (pronounced yoh-roo-bah). I grew up in the suburbs of Boston, Massachusetts but moved to Maryland where I now reside with my husband and children. I have always loved doing things with my hands.

I love my African heritage and I love Ankara. After starting a family with my husband, I realized there weren't as many baby items that showcase the rich colors and unique patterns of African fabrics.

The Product

AyoBE is about making handmade items that'll make you and your child stand out. The bold beautiful colors are simply unique just like your baby. Each item is made just for you which ensures that you'll be getting something no one else has.

As a mom, I want my kids to look their best while showing how unique they are. Wearing AyoBE definitely does that.

AyoBE Boutique

The site listings are updated frequently so be sure to check back often.

You can also email me about any of the choices you are interested in. I accept PayPal and Credit Cards.

Social Media

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NOTE: Be sure to add your name to our mailing list (link to the right of this page) and we will notify you whenever we have new products listed.

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